B A L I : The Details

Here are all the details of where we stayed & how we got there . . .

Our whole trip excluding spending money ( Accommodation & Flights) cost us a grand total of R13 000.00!!!!

Flying from Durban to Johannesburg (Mango Airlines – using SKYSCANNER.NET to browse for the cheapest flights) then flying from Johannesburg to Doha & Doha to Denpasaar ( Qatar Airlines booked through BUDGETAIR.COM ) and then the same route on our way back. We managed to get Return flights for R6 700.00 (This did include a 13 & 18 our layover in Doha, excruciatingly long, however the money we would’ve spent on flights if we chose a shorter layover we spent on accommodation for 11 nights ) WINNING 🙂

If you have a layover in Doha they offer a FREE Tour of the city for 3 hours which is great if you have time to kill. The airport lounge only lets you stay for 4 hours so the more you can do the better. The FREE Tour does fill up immediately so you basically have to camp out there when the slots open for bookings for the day. On our way to Bali we were unable to get onto any of the tours however on our way back we figured out the system and managed to get on. We did the evening tour and it was ridiculously hot, however transported on a air-conditioned shuttle saved serious lives and you have about 15-30 min per spot to take a few pics and suss out the area. I had spent a few days in Doha a few years back but it was nice to be able to leave the airport and do something touristy.

Sipping on some lemon mint and having a browse around the main souk was definitely a highlight of the tour.

The night time slot was definitely the better to select as well as the temperatures were over 35c in the evening and we struggled – so the daytime tours would’ve been extremely tough and the souk also closes for a few hours due to the heat.

Side note : We were travelling on our South African passports and when we tried to leave the airport to go on our own adventure during our layover we were denied entry into Doha. Even though our passports are now valid for entry without any prior arrangements they refused to let us through, they requested accommodation etc. So if you have a long layover and plan on pre booking tours be careful as you may not be allowed to leave.


I did all my bookings through BOOKINGS.COM. Sign up as a Genius Member and start the trial once you have an idea of where you want to stay, you can then benefit from all the Genius Member Bonuses such as early checkin times, late departure times, welcome drinks and the best added value is ADDITIONAL discounts on accommodation. Bookings.com also has daily deals and their specials are really amazing! You can also liaise with the hotels via the website, make requests and confirm any details. A lot of the hotels also only take payment closer to the time of arrival or on departure when you are there and some cancellation fees are free if its within a certain time period. So what I did was book a few spots (after checking the cancellation fees etc) and then once we finalised our trip I kept the relevant bookings and didn’t loose out on the amazing deals.

This gives you a better idea of how much travel time is needed to travel around Bali and this is the guideline I used when mapping out our trip 🙂 We skipped out Nusa Dua and rather did Nusa Ceningan when we were on the islands.

Screenshot 2017-05-21 12.51.28

Nusa Lembongan Island :  Puri Nusa Beach Hotel 

Right on the beach with a swimming pool facing the ocean – its BEAUTIFUL! The islands best surf breaks are directly in front of the hotel so while we tanned we could watch the guys surf out front.  Air conditioned rooms and their restaurant (also situated right on the beach had amazing food) 10/10 sunset spot.

(Catch a fast boat from Sanur to Nusa Lembongan Island)

Nusa Cenningan Island : Twilight Lembongan

Beautiful stop, with an amazing swimming pool cliff side. The rooms had aircon & an outside shower. The onsite restaurant also made incredible food and the owner was so helpful when it came to organising transport & scooters for us. Sunset spot 10/10.

(The hotel came & collected us from Puri Nusa as the islands are connected by a pedestrian / scooter bridge)

Karamas : Komune Resort & Beach Club

Luxury stop of our trip – INCREDIBLE hotel and is run like a dream. Price points are more expensive however the food & drinks are amazing! They run a happy hour daily which is great if you are on a tighter budget. Karamas Surf break is right in front of the hotel, you can literally be sitting in the pool sipping on cocktails whilst watching the guys surf out front. They have a wellness/health area, AMAZING restaurant in this area for breakie, gym, yoga & a quiet/adult pool area if you want to avoid the hustle in the main pool with the kids. This spot also had the best shower of our trip haha… high pressured and hot water 🙂 I have a thing for bathrooms haha! There are also surf racks outside your room and the whole property in general is just breathtaking.

(Fast ferry back to Sanur and the fast ferry ticket included a drop off at our  hotel in Karamas – Use Rocky Fast Cruises – amazing company & a great deal )

Ubud : The Artini Resort 

INCREDIBLE! It was so picturesque, from the rooms views through to the 2 swimming pool areas. Buffet Breakie was included and their bathrooms were amazing too! It is just off the main street that runs through Ubud centre so you can walk from the hotel and hit the shops on foot. Traffic is way too hectic so you move way faster on foot.

( Taxi from Karamas to Ubud – Komune organised us a shuttle and he was AMAZING! He took us on a tour while driving us to our hotel and their rates were the same as grabbing a shuttle off the road)

Canggu : Pondok Nyoman Bagus Guest House (Pererenan Beach)

10 min scooter ride through the rice paddies from the main street of Canggu. The main Canggu surf break is right in front of the guesthouse and they have a rooftop pool and bar. The best nasi goreng from their restaurant & a basic breakfast was included. Rooms were air conditioned.

(Taxi from Ubud to Canggu)

Seminyak : Furama Xclusive Ocean Beach 

(Taxi from Canggu to Seminyak – leave early in the morning to avoid traffic – its about a 10km trip however can take you over 2 hours if you get caught in the midst of it)

Uluwatu / Bingin Beach : The Innpossible Bingin Beach 

We stayed in their penthouse apartment and it was BREATHTAKING!!! We never wanted to leave 🙂 Double Storey Penthouse with 2 rooms (One upstairs & one downstairs) one bathroom, an extra mattress if you have extra guests. Rooms were air conditioned. There was also a lounge area, sun loungers & dinning area which all overlooks Bingin Beach and Impossibles Surf break is right in front of the hotel with the Bingin Beach Surf break just to the right.  It is a very rustic hotel, and there are hundreds of stairs to climb up & down to get there however its worth it. The restaurant was a 10/10 and the views 10/10 (Sunsets were magical) They only have cold water so if you dont mind a refreshing shower than this is perfect for you.

(The Innpossible had a taxi provider they used so they sent him to collect us from Seminyak – a lot easier as the hotel is hard to find)

Our accommodation in the end came to about R5 500.00 for 11 nights and we stayed in the most beautiful spots, swimming pools, on the beach. No backpackers and definitely no roughing it 🙂

If you are wanting more details about each spot, I broke down our trip into separate blog posts which has all the details, pics & favourite spots, so go give them a read.

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  1. Roselinde says:

    I love the style of your photos, really wants to make me hop on a plane to Indonesia!


    1. Dani says:

      Thanks so much Roselinde 🙂 🙂 Indo truly is something magical you have to go!

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