B A L I : Canggu & Uluwatu

Life literally seems to be vanishing in front of my eyes and when you look again it has been 2 months since my last post and nearly 4 months since our trip – SLOW DOWN world . . . aaaaaand breath . . .

So where were we  . . .

After leaving the spiritual & beautiful town of Ubud, we caught a taxi to Canggu. Canggu is based on the West Coast of Bali and took us about 1.5 hours to get there.

In a nutshell Canggu is the trendy, foody haven of Bali. If it were in London it would be the vibes of East London. South Africa would be Cape Town. Amazing (Instagram perfect Health Cafe’s on every corner, trendy one of a kind boutique stores, dominated by not only scooters but motorbikes (fully kitted in the trendiest of sense) Hanging plants, beautiful corner couches, amazing coffee, smoothie bowls & when it comes to the nightlife, well there is something for EVERYONE!

We stayed just outside of the main hub of Canggu at Pondok Nyoman Bagus Guest House in Pererenan. Super quick and chilled scooter ride to the main Canggu hub ( TIP : when you put your destination into google maps click the walk icon as it then takes you on the paths through the rice paddy fields ( Otherwise you go via main roads and well those are absolute MAYHEM especially when you are not used to the commute PLUS the views are much better cruising through the fields)

A few places we stopped at included :

  • Deus Ex Machina – Bikes, Surfboards (Retro AF), Trendy Clothing (Loved their hats), throw in an awesome restaurant and a serious vibe in the evenings and the result is you don’t have to leave anytime soon . . . Lunch was a BBQ pulled pork roll ( I tend to try and test these bad boys out when I come across them on the menu – they are a serious food weakness for me haha!) Sipping on a Dirty Deus which was a Bintang over ice, served with a dash of homemade sambal and fresh lime. DELICIOUSLY DIFFERENT.
  • SCOOP Gelato dominated my time at Canggu – slight obsession with ice cream and OMW they were amazing!
  • Crate Cafe – For those Instagram perfect smoothie bowls
  • The Lawn Canggu – This was something straight off of Pinterest, so beautifully set up and super on trend with a large lawn set up, carpets and cushions, day beds and a swimming pool right on the beach. Live music while you watch the sunset and then some serious funk while you hangout under the stars sipping on some insane cocktails (which I might add were a great price at Happy Hour) They had selected food as well at happy hour prices – we took a tasting to all the different pizzas and WOW!!!! The Espresso martinis were a hit with the boys and as I don’t drink caffeine I opted for Mojitos & bubbly (Insert the spanish dancing emoticon as that was the vibe moving forward! Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

    Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

  • Old Mans – The local of Canggu – It pumps every single night of the week, live music, DJ’s and Happy Hour Specials it’s the perfect place for when the budget is a bit tighter on the strings and its always a vibe, packed with travellers from all over the world so definitely a win win.
  • Pretty Poison – Super RAD spot – vinyls & skate jams in their emptied out swimming pool –  DJ inside playing some tunes and on the other side of the room there is a bunch of pretty ‘on’ travellers getting tatted up by some local tattoo artists for FREE. I have no doubt if I lived here at some damn point I would definitely be scoot scooting home with a new addition to the tats. However we all came home Tattoo free 🙂
  • Wanderlust – AMAZING swimwear for the ladies!!!!!
  • Side street markets which could get you the 70’s Roundie bag for R300 instead of $120 in the boutiques. They had amazing bags with pom poms, beautiful woven peaks . . . I would’ve bought the world.
  • Black Shores – The spot to go to squeak some tekkie, rooftop vibe and some great music.
  • Pablos – Another awesome dance spot, cuban decor inspired spot & when we were there they were playing some mad 90’s R&B Hip Hop. Jamming the night away while sipping on some amazing cocktails.
  • Late night snacking – We found a spot on the corner from Pablos – Hotdogs for the win and they were DELICIOUS.Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  • Our guesthouse definitely was one of the best spots to hang out at – They had a rad swimming pool setup and bar with the BEST Nasi Goreng of the trip. Plus the swimming pool is on the rooftop and overlooks the BEST Canggu surf spot . . . Perfect for us ladies to chill at and drink cocktails whilst the guys surfed ( However the weather wasn’t playing our way so the bar had to do & they made a rad sangria)23769931_10159884600685647_1009371683_o

We had another Durban LEGEND come join us for this part of our trip, good ol Lloyd Henry. He literally was the best and took us out and about when he could plus it was rad having another recruit to the team. He definitely showed us a GREAT time included with that was some fun time hangovers!

So in Canggu, we ate a lot, drank a lot, had some INSANE nights out & the boys got some fun waves . . . CANGGU YOU WERE GREAT & I will definitely be back again . .

OH and you definitely need a scooter in Canggu as not everything is walking distance so just prepare yourself for that if you heading this way, same goes for our next stop in Uluwatu / Bingan.

So after 2 nights we were off to Seminyak for the evening . . . I need to be completely honest I would take this stop off the agenda if you decide to do this trip, it was very commercialised, you were hassled and hustled on every corner . . . Kind of like Phuket in Thailand, the road with all the lady bars, shops & drunk tourists. Not taking anything away from this spot it just wasn’t a highlight 🙂

If you do happen to find yourself staying here head out to the outskirts to Motel Mexicola and make a RESERVATION!!! It is an INSANE restaurant and bar and honestly the decor is out of this world HOWEVER we got there and they were fully booked so we missed our chance to go there but it looked AMAZING from our brief walk around and everyone recommends this spot. (Just stay an extra night in Canggu and taxi yourselves there for a dinner)

After an interesting night in Seminyak we made our way to Bingin Beach & Uluwatu which was our final stop of the trip . . . WHAAAAAAT!!!! How did the trip go by so damn quickly!!!!

We stayed at The Inn Possible – which is an INSANE rustic style accommodation right on Bingin Beach & directly in front is the infamous wave Impossibles (Great viewing pleasure from our rooms) Just so you know there are literally thousands of steps that get you up and down from the beach aaaaand your accommodation so just be mentally prepared . . . TRUST me although the walk is ridiculous it is so worth it as you arrive to PARADISE and honestly no words can describe the beauty of this place.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

We stayed in the penthouse apartment which had an amazing deck with couches, sun loungers, a hammock and views for daaaaays! Downstairs from us was the restaurant and they made the most amazing food. At times the lady who was the receptionist, was also the chef, the waitron and cleaning staff. She was spinning however nothing ever let slide and we were amazed at all her skills. EVERYTHING on the menu is worth trying, banana pancakes and smoothies for breakie and if you want a snack the best spring rolls I’ve possibly every tasted!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

You honestly didn’t want to leave our spot, the days were spent tanning on the beach below or the balcony while watching the guys surf the bluest of blue waters. Afternoon sundowners on the deck and then heading into Uluwatu to see the infamous jol of Single Fin . . .



Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

We started off at the Minimart which for me was a highlight, outside the minimart they had set up crates and benches, there was a hubbly bar and a food stall, you bought your drinks from the Minimart at extremely low prices compared to the bars and restaurants, found a seat and things got fezzy very quickly. We headed to Single Fin for a bit, it was complete mayhem (We did go on a Sunday night) It was huge (I was expecting something an 8th of the size haha) Tons of guys and girls on the razzle, DJ set up and dance floor below, everyone was having the time of their lives . . . However after a drink or 2 we decided we had more fun at the minimart so headed back their to carry on 🙂

I ended up getting sick on our last day so I spent most of the day horizontal getting harassed by monkeys (Coming from Durban I thought I understood them and their behaviour HOWEVER these guys were MAD!!!! I ended up locking myself in the room whilst watching a troop of monkeys take over our balcony, one sitting right by the door where he could see me, hissing at me while he ate, yes ate, my sunblock. They warn you about them but you always think that it will be chilled . . . Listen to them haha! They will steal your clothes, your sunnies, your sunblock, anything and everything, cheap and of value . . .  Anyway once I started feeling human again I had 3 hours to explore. Hopping onto the back of Duck’s scooter, as he lived here for a bit, he was the best tour guide. Uluwatu stole my heart with all its beauty!!! The cliffs, the views, the ocean, EVERYTHING was just breathtaking! Off road scootering to some secret viewing points and then watching the sunset from a cliff on our last official day in this incredible country. It was perfection!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Our last night was spent having a seafood braai style dinner, right on the beach by our hotel. Feet in the sand, sipping on some ice cold beverages and for a ridiculously cheap price for basically a buffet of fish & seafood . . .

All that was left was to take in all the amazing memories of our time spent in this magical place . . . We could’ve easily done with another week – there is just too much to explore and do and trust me you want to do EVERYTHING!!!

All our bags were packed & we definitely were not ready to go home, but alas our EXCRUCIATINGLY long journey home had to commence, starting with the thousands of stairs taking us one step closer to the end of our trip . . .

Bali, your people, you beauty, your beliefs, everything stole my heart! Thank you for making it such a memorable trip, I am so grateful! Bali was never on my bucketlist however it should be on everyones!  x x x

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  1. Flavia Vinci says:

    Just loved your post. It looks like you had a nice time there! 😊


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