The Intro…

“The truth is that you will always find an excuse if you are not ready for change.
That goes for any life changing situation.
Once you are open to change, have accepted the past and now excited for the unknown future, all of a sudden your life will fall into place.
The cliche’ saying of “everything happens for a reason”
I firmly believe in.
You might not understand it now but one day you will look back and you will see why those things happened to you.
I firmly believe people come in and out of your life for a reason, to guide you down the path you are supposed to be on and to teach you something about your life.
Just think back to a situation you were in a few years ago, what happens if things worked out differently? Would you be where you are today? Would you have met the people you now call best friends? Would you have learnt life lessons that would be with you forever?
Would you be the person you are right now?”

I know I sure as hell wouldn’t be the person I am today!
I can’t hate anyone or anything in my past, I thank them for making me the person I am, for teaching me the lessons of life and for making me “ready” to do what I am doing today!

That was taken from the very last blog post I wrote… A time when I was living in London Town… A time when I quit the corporate world and packed up all my belongings and left a week later for an adventure of a lifetime. Travelling. A whole new world. The unknown. The last time I earned a salary and the last time I would build up someone else’s empire… The European Summer of 2013.

4 years later and I am back in South Africa. Having recently relocated to Durban from Cape Town. I am a basically a swiss army knife, one person with a many different skills. What people like to call it  “a finger in many pies” kinda girl… So I am a Fashion Stylist & Personal Shopper. My Company is called The Pocket Stylist. I have been doing that full time for nearly 4 years now… Recently started a Social Media Business, Society Social, still in the baby stages of development but already dealing with some of the most awesome clients. Eventing, yes another one haha… Party decor needs all in one box… Box Party, launching July 2017. Love to write. Foodie. LOVE to paint in watercolours & draw in pencil. Pinterest Addict. Wanting to Travel the world (while still building a home & career) My home is my favourite place in the world. LOVE Being closer to my family & my friends, nothing makes me happier. My partner in this awesome life… Ducky… We tend to do majority of things together, so you will see lots of him in my posts & pics… He likes. She likes. We like. We make a rad team…

This is a space where I want to share all my finds & loves. My experiences. My thoughts. A place where you can read or ignore. Love or Hate. From awesome fashion finds & sales (as I live in the shops – so why not share) through to my travels, locally & abroad. My work & the amazing projects & brands I get to work with. Just everything… Anything & EVERYTHING I feel like writing about…

I recently turned 30 which made me realise a lot… After a few breakdowns (I CAN’T believe I am turning THIRTY!!!) Yes that actually happens!! To the excitement of welcoming what I have heard are the best years of your life. To being the youthful & young thirty year old & not the old twenty year old anymore… Focusing on the positives not the negatives has been tricky… But its ok… Its ok if you haven’t ticked all the boxes you thought you would have ticked by now. I am officially 30, never again to be in my 20’s. I have just relocated to a new city for the 5th time. The 5th time I have had to pack up my whole life and move, not homes but cities. (Bearing in mind its around the 12th time I have had to pack up a home in the past 10 years) This is also the third time I have restarted my business in the past 4 years. When you relocate so does your business along with your clients… As my business is on the growth… again… I find myself broke… again… yet something makes it all worth it… Life, the people in my life, the challenges, the lessons, the memories. Would I change anything in my past so I could be “wealthier” in the bank, not a chance. I am rich with life experiences. I am so happy where I am today & I know with time & patience I will be back on my feet… again… Everything has been worth it. My turn will come where I get to spoil the people closest to me & return the love & support they have shown me over the years. Life is a journey.  Life is happening whether we like it or not. I want to do what makes me happy. What makes my life worth while. There is going to be some mother trucking rainbow light at the end of this tunnel… aaaaand when the light shines its going to be on a whole new level… A different chapter & journey…. so bring it on… I AM READY.

I am Dani… Welcome to my world… If you don’t like what I have to say, then don’t read it. If you love it, share it. This is my space. This is my journey x

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  1. Jim Bruce says:

    Dani all the very best on what ever path you venture down . Fantastic blog , looking forward to more intresting accounts of Daniel life and lessons .


  2. Jim Bruce says:

    Dani all the very best on what ever path you venture down . Fantastic blog , looking forward to more intresting accounts of Dani life and lessons .


  3. Rau (Rehauhetswe Pearl) says:

    Hey Danny

    This might come as a delayed reaction, but I also turn 30 next year and am freaked out about it…after reading your blog and experiences, I am glad to have read and not ignored. I love your pics, love your work and love your take on life. I am a religious stalker of yours and after your take on Bali I am ready to go there.

    We were in the same class a few years ago at Varsity College Pretoria (Menlyn) and I remember you to be a phenomenal focused young lady, always on the ball…so I am not surprised that you chose not to conform to the corporate system of the world (no adventure or real friends).

    You are are awsome
    Keep on Inspiring


    1. Dani says:

      Pearl you have no idea how much your message means to me! WOW girl THANK YOU!!! Of course I remember you, the good ol Advertising Management days at VC! Trust me I know how you are feeling I cried a good few times at the thought of turning 30 haha! but I survived haha! Im excited to see what life has in store for you! Keep living the BEST life you can, you only have one so have zero regrets 🙂 So glad you loved what I had to say! Thank you again for sharing your thoughts & feedback with me! Big hugs & all the positive vibes a girl can send your way x x x


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